The Food As Medicine revolution has been steadily gaining steam, with Zipongo at the forefront and now CU Health Plan jumping on board! Based on feedback from their employees that they were struggling with poor eating habits and that a nutrition program was their #1 need, CU Health Plan wanted to introduce a nutrition program that not only would help its employees with improving their eating habits and serve the longer-term goal of helping their population address chronic illnesses and other health issues. For CU Health Plan, Zipongo was the clear option.

Because their employees work in healthcare, they have very high expectations for benefits program and are critical of new promotions. As such, their selection process for new partners is extremely rigorous. CU Health Plan’s program lead was very intentional in her search for the perfect nutrition program to fit her employee’s needs.

“I wanted something that helps folks make healthier choices and helps their lives day-in and day-out. We haven’t really seen anything else on par with Zipongo. It’s a fun, engaging product. Their marketing and platform is really user friendly. We hear quite often that eating healthy is really hard – but Zipongo has really helped us become healthier.”

Zipongo empowers people to make better decisions about what to eat – at home, at work, and on the go – by providing options like meal planning tools, instant grocery ordering, healthy meal delivery and advice on healthy restaurant menu items.

The app is free for CU Health Plan employees and up to four household members. Click here for the full story. Email us at to learn how Zipongo can work for your organization.

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