Bad nutrition directly causes serious medical conditions that you spend millions of dollars managing each year.

Zipongo empowers your employees and health plan members to improve their nutrition, cutting your costs and improving overall engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

Decisions that Drive Healthy Outcomes

The average number of food decisions you make per day.


Research shows that what you eat is 3X more important than physical activity.


People with diet-related chronic conditions cost health plans, on average, this much more.

Solutions for Every Place Food Decisions are Made



With a host of easy meal planning tools, a robust recipe library, instant grocery ordering, and healthy meal delivery, we make it easy to plan ahead for a food as medicine everyday approach or to even choose the most nutritious meal options on the fly!



We take the guesswork out of corporate nutrition plans with healthy, personalized meal recommendations based on your food preferences and what is available at your on-site cafeteria.



We point users to the healthiest foods and menu choices at restaurants, which reduces the likelihood of making poor food decisions based on convenience, cost and other factors.

How it Works

Zipongo takes the guesswork out of healthy eating. We make personalized recommendations based on a person's biometrics, preferences and dietary needs.

Habits & Preferences

Users answer questions about number of meals consumed per day, frequency of dining out, food allergies, food preferences and number of household members.

Biometric Health Data

We can enroll your employees during Zipongo on-site health fairs where users discover and can enter their health data.

This includes current cholesterol levels, blood pressure, height, weight and body mass index.

Your Nutrition Solution

We provide personalized recipe recommendations, meal planning tools and smart shopping lists.

We even offer workplace cafe recommendations and healthy menu items at thousands of restaurants.

Real Results with Zipongo

Zipongo drives engagement across various platforms and audiences.

A personalized nutrition solution that takes the guesswork out of healthy eating.